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Mr. Houdini was highly skeptical: His mother, a Jew, had been a rabbis wife and, as an immigrant from Hungary had a limited grasp of English. The book, disturbing and gory, took its toll on him, though.

Gandhi, more an idealist than a realist, wanted an undivided nation; he chose to remain out of government.

Since then, the quadrennial California primary has shouldered the added distinction of marking the anniversary of Kennedys death. If in the middle of the last century, The Times said, our fathers had read to their children a tale about a charming princess who summoned an equally charming prince to her rescue over a copper wire with the aid of some wonderful lamps in which magical filaments glowed, there would have been cries of admiration. The killers, Perry Smith and Dick Hickock, both of them ex-convicts, had intended to rob the family, which they knew to be well-off. Young Dora, who evidently had little say in the matter of her betrothal, did not take kindly to being yoked to a man more than five times her age. What is a million dollars against eight million Cubans who love me?. Gay bars were often controlled by organized crime. This summer we revisited many of these memorable lives.

It was Serbia, not Bosnia. Mr. Booker said he keeps a statue of Tubman and a picture of Douglass in his office. World statesmen in formal dark suits stood next to Harlem school boys in torn Levis and sneakers, the reporter J. Anthony Lukas wrote in The Times. That set an Olympic record and because Coachman had achieved it on the first try earned her the gold medal. That was the only way I couldve played it. Like his father and uncles before him, the young John Kennedy (he eschewed the F. and the Jr.) could not have embodied the collective fantasy of the hero more thoroughly had he been assembled by consensus: He possessed wealth, charm, athleticism, prowess and dark good looks in no small measure as close to a prince du sang as the American democracy would bear. Dorothys parents fought violently in the house in Chicago that they shared with four other families. Hes a person who shows that all of our fights for justice are interwoven, Mr. Booker said. Kennedy, at the time New Yorks junior senator and a former attorney general in the cabinet of his brother John F. Kennedy, had just claimed victory in the California presidential primary in a rally at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles when he, like his brother four and a half years earlier, was felled by an assassin. Read the obituary Siegel, Gangster, Is Slain On Coast. Jon Krakauer, at the time a freelance writer, heard about Mr. McCandlesss story from an editor at Outside magazine who had read the Associated Press piece. They spent hours together honing Ruths skills, both as a hitter and a left-handed pitcher. Judy Garland performing at the Dominion Theater in London. In the 1990s she began poking a microphone into freshly Botoxed faces on red carpets, and in 2010 she became a star of Fashion Police. Nothing was sacred. Other yarns inspired films like The Little Mermaid, Thumbelina and Frozen, which was originally and very loosely based on the stories he collectively titled The Snow Queen.. By the time he was 10, he and his brothers were pop sensations performing as the Jackson 5. Many of his stories featured children who persevered in the face of ridicule, ignorance and evil. But he might have had a chance for another: Stevenson was still a tremendous fighter when Cuba boycotted the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles. And it brought Capote even more financial and social success. Kahlos paintings often shifted the viewers perspective beyond her self-portraits to offer personal and societal commentary, both subtle and overt. If I could see my father just once more, sit down and talk with him, look into his crystal blue eyes, feel the safety of his arms around me, I would give anything for that. Read the obituary Churchill Dies at 90 at Home in London. Mr. Booker said that Douglass had been a hero of his since childhood, when his parents taught him about great Americans. The magazine, too, was in trouble, condemned by some media watchers as little more than bombast and already embarked on an economic decline. But Gehrig was not just synonymous with baseball prowess. I didnt choose this life, Bhutto said. Although I am now 82, my doctors seem to think I have a good chance of still being around for it. He chronicled Mr. McCandlesss travels and lonely death in Into the Wild (1996), a national best-seller that has since sold millions of copies in the United States. The shrine is one of the first imposing structures people see when they drive to Tehran after arriving at the Imam Khomeini International Airport, or IKIA. I have finished the book, but in a sense I havent finished it.. Each of her terms as prime minister ended when she was dismissed by the president on graft charges. GOODBYE AND MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL., Read the article Dying in the Wild, a Hiker Recorded the Terror, Read the review Taking Risk to Its Logical Extreme, An earlier version of this article, using information from Mr. Krakauers publisher, misstated the number of copies of "Into the Wild that have been sold. Sadly, Neil Armstrong will be absent.

He was invited to the White House again in 1967, the year before his death, to witness the signing of a new food safety law by President Lyndon B. Johnson. Nietzsche railed against these and other adversaries on pages often densely packed with allusions, symbolism and language closer to romantic poetry than fusty metaphysics. Williams earned an Academy Award nomination for playing Adrian Cronauer, a chatty Armed Forces Radio host in Saigon in the 1960s. In New York City, Siegel (1906-1947) was a core member of the infamous hit squad Murder Incorporated and implicated in many high-profile killings. The live vaccine, given orally, is easier and cheaper to administer, and is particularly useful during epidemics because a vaccinated person temporarily sheds the vaccine virus and can passively immunize others. He soon realized that it was the story he had been waiting to write for 20 years. During these years he continued his research into sound at the university, experimenting with electricity. In Rio, the heirs of Owens, like Usain Bolt of Jamaica and Allyson Felix of the United States, are looking to carve their own names in Olympic history, propelled by the chance for glory, pride for country and perhaps, as Owens had expressed, a simple love for the sport. Read the obituary Mother Mary Angelica, Who Founded Catholic TV Network, Dies at 92. President Theodore Roosevelt signed two historic bills aimed at regulating the food and drug industries into law on June 30, 1906.

(Strassmans predecessor, Lise Meitner, had been fired by the institute because she was Jewish. Sixty-six years earlier, however, The Times had not even mentioned the fact in its dispatch from London. That number, Presland pointed out, is capable of a quite astonishing interpretation. Together, the two Fridas suggest the physical and emotional toll of the divorce. The details would later change depending on when she told the story. It was a nasty job killing these, for when you plunged your knife into them they would burst and splash foul-smelling stuff into your face; and when a mans sleeves were smeared with blood, and his hands steeped in it, how was he ever to wipe his face, or to clear his eyes so that he could see? Were they more patriotic? Bell moved to Boston in the early 1870s and there used methods that he had learned from his father to teach deaf students. Tim Russert, right, speaks with Sen. Richard Shelby and Sen. John Edwards on NBC's ''Meet the Press'' in 2001. I think that every one of us feels sad that finally she had to lose this last one of all her battles, President Dwight D. Eisenhower said at the time. And it was Ms. DeLarverie (her first name was pronounced Stormy) who may or may not have led the charge. In a 2007 retrospective in Mexico City, a Times review noted that it was through her lesser known works that Kahlo emerges as an artist who gathered multiple influences into her own language., After her death, as the feminist movement gathered steam, her work would often be seen as eclipsing Riveras thanks to a renewed interest in her unflinching portrayals of a womans mental state through the lens of her own life. The Times described the wars impact in an article one year after Ferdinand was murdered. He eventually moved west and pioneered the development of Las Vegas as a casino capital, investing in it when it was little more than a sleepy desert town with a pliant City Council and lax gambling regulations. She developed an aggressive, dramatic style, hitting down sharply and crisply on her iron shots like a man and averaging 240 yards off the tee with her woods.. With the help of Mark Twain, the memoirs were an enormous commercial success when published after Grant died, on July 23, 1885, at an Adirondacks retreat. He would say later that his chief goal was always space travel eventually a permanent moon base and a mission to Mars and that his V-2 rockets had worked perfectly, except that they landed on the wrong planet. The show still draws a comparable number of viewers with Chuck Todd occupying Mr. Russerts former seat. Gallup had a major conviction that the whole election process in the nation was way off on a wrong track, and he argued that the people wanted major reforms including abolishing the Electoral College, a single national primary, confining campaigning to a month or two in the fall, and national funding of the campaign, Frank Newport, editor in chief of the Gallup Organization, wrote in an email. Roosevelt soon tired of Sinclairs outspokenness. In the United States alone each year, tens of thousands of philosophical exemptions to required childhood vaccinations are granted. You are agreeing that we can use your submission in all manner and media of The New York Times and that we shall have the right to authorize third parties to do so. But athletes in Fidel Castros Cuba were not permitted to compete professionally, so Stevenson would have had to defect in order to fight Ali. By then he was 35 and had already achieved fame and fortune with his fiction, which included Other Voices, Other Rooms and Breakfast at Tiffanys. But In Cold Blood, which reconstructed in stark detail the murders at the Clutter farm, was a radical departure for him. It was at St. Marys that I met and learned to love the greatest man Ive ever known, Ruth wrote about Matthias in his 1948 autobiography, The Babe Ruth Story.. Im satisfied, though, and while I dont pretend that this is anything but a quite incredible coincidence, it certainly is incredible, one of the most jaw-dropping Ive ever come across. He later became an antiwar activist who opposed nuclear proliferation and expressed his fears in this rhyme: Read the obituary Otto Hahn, Nobel Winner, Dies. In 20 years the world would be at war again, the wounds of World War I never having fully healed. The British negotiated with the Muslim League, led by Jinnah, who believed that a separate state was the only way to protect the rights of Muslims, who were a minority; and the (mostly Hindu) Indian National Congress, led by Nehru, who grudgingly went along with the British decision to divide India on the basis of religion. I want!, Watson dashed into the adjoining room gasping: I heard you! You had a lifetime of cigars, brandy, wine and very little exercise.

While another farmer was towing it for repairs, the vehicle suddenly growled into full power and knocked the tow-car aside in a careening rush down the highway. In due time he became the first jazz superstar, embraced by the world for his bravura playing, his ebullient singing and his larger-than-life personality.

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