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!&0D'0 f2:!5szU[UW)l8Ld` _5w~#qAhztl:ye 'cG9V9l78.pZn=qq,`\6w+SeC hm"l%4vJ f K C a Al 8>! Chein, J. M., Ravizza, S. M., & Fiez, J. uuid:01c2e045-1dd2-11b2-0a00-0bf600000000 /O 76 0000022146 00000 n 4 q4'm Ol i8PLTx% x c f Friston, K. J., Holmes, A., Worsley, K. J., Poline, J. /ID[<07105EAAFF6FADD8657D398B48475392>] 9}psrnis n I *-\X K[ 0U Rk Y) G. aphasia constructions semantic comprehension Friederici, A. D., Rschemeyer, S.-A., Hahne, A., & Friebach, C. J. By continuing to use our website, you are agreeing to, The Parallel Brain: The Cognitive Neuroscience of the Corpus Callosum. Michael, E. B., Keller, T. A., Carpenter, P. A., & Just, M. A. We discuss these results in relation to current issues in sentence processing. 2.2245 1 Td Results suggest that narrative distraction affected GJ, but by speeding responses, not slowing them, but narrative distraction resulted in faster processing times regardless of individual sentence variables. cD L$ (1996). #B(xC6 /T1_0 1 Tf Turner, E. A., & Rommetveit, R. (1967). Modelling geometric deformations in EPI time series. (2001). A. J Cogn Neurosci 2012; 24 (1): 212222. endstream

/Size 104 67 0 obj Ferreira, F. (2003). startxref i n/ GP#" 1{@UG n> $c

~! U Qf 0 ); endobj (1996). -4.889 1.00001 Td H q 7* k !( 2  e k .7P Neuronal Activation for Semantically Reversible Sentences. 0000006855 00000 n The listing of verdicts, settlements, and other case results is not a guarantee or prediction of the outcome of any other claims. 0000020133 00000 n Caplan, D., Waters, G., & Alpert, N. (2003). Spitsyna, G., Warren, J. E., Scott, S. K., Turkheimer, F. E., & Wise, R. J. S. (2006). (2006). Mi endobj 4 i,,~ vb Rt 4$ 1 c 5E /H [ 1148 359 ] To manage your alert preferences, click on the button below. , (located on the World Wide Web at: )Tj An account of language representation and processing that encompasses frequency as well as categorization and structure is compatible with what the authors know about how the brain works: increased experience with a linguistic structure results in increased activation-and strengthening-of the neural networks involved in processing that structure. endobj / /RelativeColorimetric ri A common system for the comprehension and production of narrative speech. Wartenburger, I., Heekeren, H. R., Buchert, F., Heinemann, S., De Bleser, R., & Villringer, A. Response strategies in aphasic sentence comprehension: An analysis of two cases.

k l ! t 137 0 obj >> (2001). : k ! Montgomery, J. W. (2004). ajs21216 154..165 ( Comparison of functional activation foci in children and adults using a common stereotactic space. , jL Rp Dollaghan, C., & Campbell, T. (1998). + k ( P 270 Yl 75 0 obj

The comprehension of active and passive sentences as a function of pragmatic expectation. BT (Effects of Syntactic Complexity, Semantic Reversibility, and Explicitnes\ s on)Tj The Chase Law Group, LLC | 1447 York Road, Suite 505 | Lutherville, MD 21093 | (410) 928-7991, Easements and Related Real Property Agreements. Gathercole, S. E., & Baddeley, A. D. (1990). u:3 d {4 , On the role of semantic constraints in sentence comprehension. Semantic influences on thematic role assignment: Evidence from normals and aphasics. |{|{> O Elliot, C. D., Smith, P., & McCulloch, K. (1997). Aphasias and theories of linguistic representation: representing frequency, hierarchy, constructions, and sequential structure. (2000). Crinion, J. T., Warburton, E. A., Lambon Ralph, M. A., Howard, S., & Wise, R. J. -21.446 0 Td Temporal lobe regions engaged during normal speech comprehension. On the relation between structural case, determiners, and verbs in agrammatism: A study of Hebrew and Dutch, In: Aphasia: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment Investigating Grammatical Word Class Distinctions in Bilingual Aphasic Individuals, The Interaction of Preserved Pragmatics and Impaired Syntax in Japanese and English Aphasic Speech, The variability debate: More statistics, more linguistics, Verbal inflectional morphology in Broca's aphasia, Morphological aspects of agrammatic aphasia, On the production of axial prepositions: linking Figure and Ground in Broca's aphasia. l bWo1&6 xc```f``a`e`gd@ A+@^)ktZgYWhP 4mks9NrUveVBK7Q@^6$WBh~Sw To access this article, please. Qer66_*_%Uj6ugsP;QquZ$.P{p0>Q5Muv~-*,l[[`=gWA7,;H8|F@-vG4 'C.qZBb="P.0\ Tp . Participants (30 Dutch native speakers with an, Wiley interdisciplinary reviews.

Poldrack, R. A. (Discourse Comprehension in Persons With Aphasia and in Healthy Controls)Tj Semantically reversible sentences are prone to misinterpretation and take longer for typically developing children and adults to comprehend; they are also particularly problematic for those with language difficulties such as aphasia or Specific Language Impairment. 71 0 obj d/ =M8PZ] ! We examine two different forms of comprehension impairment, `semantic dementia' and `asyntactic comprehension', focusing on the assignment of thematic roles: the determination of who did it to whom. Functional imaging of the semantic system: Retrieval of sensory-experienced and verbally leaned knowledge. Domain-specific cognitive systems: Insight from grammatical-SLI.

0000001805 00000 n Identification of a pathway for intelligible speech in the left temporal lobe. /L 224414 Rl I <> Studies of normal subjects indicate, however, that this process is normally subject to semantic influences; asked to judge the plausibility of sentences, subjects respond faster when thematic assignment is semantically constrained. Auditory-motor interaction revealed by fMRI: Speech, music, and working memory in area Spt. The Societys fundamental purpose, reflected in its founding Charters of the 1660s, is to recognise, promote, and support excellence in science and to encourage the development and use of science for the benefit of humanity. Montgomery, J. W. (1995b). Individual differences in rCBF correlates of syntactic processing in sentence comprehension: Effects of working memory and speed of processing. ^F # K & p: 0 <> 2 G+7 v- ( )Tj 3r NFO$SIIR) .OUS (2004). << This association remained after we controlled for phonological working memory. p 6t5R\# 64 0 obj v?4 $C? Montgomery, J. W. (1995a). sghDBD1%$&;CA Vlh{kX@2& (1999). Age-related changes in working memory during sentence comprehension: An fMRI study. endobj 0 g $;] V* =gT' =tm8 !M 172.7009583 0 0 63.3603516 206.1495209 71.6396484 cm ' +" ZY 6 ;6#$5X O 2[i X ( 26 $; R )A 7 % > _ } ~ ]1 +;`{ | Y/ 81 0 obj van der Lely, H. K. J. 77 0 obj F+C w7 tU " d Kemper, S., & Catlin, J. 0000002532 00000 n ! % A 1z' *3 _b ` >A b Bx% PX wB # g- ov -E 8 [@ ! (2001). BT (2003). A study of syntactic processing in aphasia: I. Behavioural (psycholinguistic) aspects. Statistical parametric maps in functional imaging: A general linear approach. [142 0 R 143 0 R] 31@ J B* v / `f l L B., Frith, C. D., & Frackowiak, R. S. J. q #\ With a personal account, you can read up to 100 articles each month for free. Neural correlates of syntactic transformations.

Q Ellis Weismer, S., Tomblin, B., Zhang, X., Buckwalter, P., Chynoweth, J., & Jones, M. (2000). Jesper, L. R., Amdersson, J. L. R., Hutton, C., Ashburner, J., Turner, R., & Friston, K. J. (\240 Joshua Levy, Elizabeth Hoover, Gloria Waters, Swathi Kiran, David C\ aplan, Alex)Tj /Contents [101 0 R 2rU 74 0 obj The cartography of Ibero-Romance agrammatic deficits, Universal grammar in the frontotemporal dementia spectrum. 0000009844 00000 n , ,K Recovering meaning: Left prefrontal cortex guides controlled semantic retrieval. xref "ijh ihmDxF *MA w , 68 0 obj

/T1_1 1 Tf -9.66549 1 Td S! \W+ "9 0000006581 00000 n Syntactic and semantic modulation of neural activity during auditory sentence comprehension. ET %PDF-1.4 % 0000023388 00000 n L% 5bG 'ZJ Humphries, C., Binder, J. R., Medler, D. A., & Liebenthal, E. (2006). Waters, G. S., & Rochon, E. (1998). 1 8Pb|o 7A? By including several linguistic and nonlinguistic conditions within our paradigm, we were also able to test whether the processing of semantically reversible sentences places additional load on sentence-specific processing, such as syntactic processing and syntactic-semantic integration, or on phonological working memory. 0000015906 00000 n

In D. V. M. Bishop & L. B. Leonard (Eds.). -18.668 0 Td 2" F*g vo 8x g nJc.@{|u 4Fk !6k 2%f< 5G*c w> Z_ W#_ +/|_ GxtsvlDFktrV> : Agrammatic production: Interpretable features and selective impairment in verb inflection. 1IFGFGI9F 16.60799 1 Td endobj 1994 Royal Society = ) q=" ; c/w]hQ~ TRp] ;9:9:9 wl4 sy|dY7 endobj Development of a theoretically based treatment for sentence comprehension deficits in individuals with aphasia. l # N v Cellular Automata Machines: A New Environment for Modeling, Temporal Expectation Improves Recognition Memory for Spatially Attended Objects, Multisensory Rather than Unisensory Representations Contribute to Statistical Context Learning in Tactile Search, Mid-level Feature Differences Support Early Animacy and Object Size Distinctions: Evidence from Electroencephalography Decoding, Long-term Meditation Training Is Associated with Enhanced Subjective Attention and Stronger Posterior CingulateRostrolateral Prefrontal Cortex Resting Connectivity, Content Word Production during Discourse in Aphasia: Deficits in Word Quantity, Not LexicalSemantic Complexity, What is Involved and What is Necessary for Complex Linguistic and Nonlinguistic Auditory Processing: Evidence from Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Lesion Data, Eye Gaze Behavior at Turn Transition: How Aphasic Patients Process Speakers' Turns during Video Observation, Power in Voxel-based Lesion-Symptom Mapping, The MIT Press colophon is registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

33 0 obj An event-related fMRI investigation of phonological versus semantic short-term memory. 29 }F+F v i6 \n3]`b b u endobj 0f d k /Im0 Do H! >> (2007). Grammatical symptoms of specific language impairment. /Type/Page /QN Syntactic comprehension deficits in agrammatism, The impact of Semantic Feature Analysis on verb production in two multilingual speakers with aphasia, Modulating the sensitivity to syntactic factors in production: Evidence from syntactic priming in agrammatism, Canonicity effects as grammatical phenomena, Generalized minimality: syntactic underspecification in Broca's aphasia, Broca's aphasia, Broca's area, and syntax: A complex relationship, Preservation of passive constructions in a patient with primary progressive aphasia, Sentence comprehension in Turkish Broca's aphasia: An integration problem, Towards a characterization of agrammatism in Ibero-Romance, Generalized Minimality: Feature impoverishment and comprehension deficits in agrammatism, Syntactic abilities in Malay adult speakers with aphasia a study on passive sentences and argument structures, Tracking passive sentence comprehension in agrammatic aphasia, Clinical Linguistics in Bosnian / Croatian / Montenegrin / Serbian (BCMS): Down syndrome, Specific Language Impairment and aphasia, Minimality effects in agrammatic comprehension, The brain, verbs, and the past: Neurolinguistic studies on time reference, Understanding discourse-linked elements in aphasia: A threefold study in Russian, The Effects of Scrambling on Spanish and Korean Agrammatic Interpretation: Why Linear Models Fail and Structural Models Survive, Pronoun processing in Brocas aphasia: Discoursesyntax effects in ambiguous anaphora resolution, Patterns of comprehension performance in agrammatic Brocas aphasia: A test of the Trace Deletion Hypothesis, On the nature of selective deficits involving nouns and verbs, The derivation of postverbal subjects: Evidence from agrammatic aphasia, The role of syntactic complexity in training wh-movement structures in agrammatic aphasia: Optimal order for promoting generalization, Selective impairment of thematic role assignment in sentence processing. roller

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