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This training uses a simple matrix of weapon/counter-weapon tactics (ie, hand vs stick, stick vs stick, stick vs knife, etc), all while seeking Wing Chun efficiency and economy of motion. Tactical drills pair Wing Chun technique with Real World situations to create a laboratory for problem solving. Those who trainSouthern Mantis know this movement as a combination of Sai Shu and Gao ShuWithin Wing Chun, Kwan Sao is the integrated transition and deployment of Bong Sao (primarily Dai Bong SaoLower Wing Arm) changing to Tan Sao (Dispersing Hand). How to build a Wing Chun wooden dummy in PVC, Martial arts training dummies [MINI-GUIDE], MMA vs Tai Chi 10 seconds knock out: an explanation, Learn Kung Fu online: a beginner-to-expert course. LEVEL SEVEN: WARRIOR The Drill progression generally moves from basic blocks, strikes and trapping to various forms of sticking-hands and sticking-legs (chi sau and chi gerk) drills, and finally to pre-arranged and then free-form sparring. All Rights Reserved. There are two stories about where Baat Jaam Do got its name: one from the knife form having eight sections, another from there being eight slashing cuts in the first section of the form. The Wing Chun Concepts Battle Post is a modern interpretation, using modular components for striking practice, learning the Wooden Dummy form, and training with impact and edged weapons. Historically the knives were also referred to as Dit Ming Do, or "Life-Taking Knives." Training with a large Ring (one that has a circumference that goes beyond the wrist) is however OK, this trains the deltoids, trapezius and Lattisimus muscles to coordinate rounding the back and linking spine and stance trough pelvic lift. , Media Format Therefore, if you want to play the inside position in the rings themselves, a common strategy is to hold Tan Sao and Bong Sao in the same way you would if you were playing the outside position in the rings. Your email address will not be published. Some may not have realized the steel ring makes an extremely effective weapon when grasped in one hand and swung side to side allowing the ring to rotate in the palm generates incredible force and when gel stiffly against the outside of the arm works very well as a shield as well as allowing the chain punch to be used.

Wing Chun Concepts does not use belts or formal, military-style ranking. If you have difficulty finding one that works for you it is just as easy to make one. , ASIN

The monks of Shaolin, and all those who follow the true way of Kung Fu, do not want to fight, but are ready to fight. : This allows the body to learn, adapt and integrate the techniques until they can be expressed reflexively without conscious thought. You will learn the first of three empty-hand forms, learn the shapes and the uses of twenty different Wing Chun Hands, and master all of the foundation-level drills of Wing Chun. This is like summer school prior to the first year of college where you remediate or fine-tune your academics. This is the Missing Link to developing the Zen of Wing Chun, along with improving co-ordination, synchronization, timing, rhythm and concentration.

As a junior in the university of Wing Chun, you will be challenged to deepen your understanding of Wing Chun. Learn the Ngo Dac Na way & enhance your martial arts training today. Not a good I instructional dvd. LEVEL SIX: FIGHTER The weapon forms are also considered as an advanced form of conditioning training for the hands, wrists and forearms. | The size of the hoop change in relation to the practitioner (and the type of practice), It can be slightly knotty or smooth (depending on the material), Lets launch into the air the plastic ring, Lets try to deliver blows on its inside and outside (50% and 50%), We can use kicks, punches, elbows, heads, parries (etc. First: when the arms move in this way orbiting around this artificial pivot point they have greater mass than they would if the axis of rotation ran through the ulnar & radial bone area. I have been involved tae kwon do and karate for about 7 years now and Im beginning to direct my focus into kung fu. Most Hobby shops carry a variety of macromay hoops & crochet rings, materials may also be found at your local hardware store. Ring Training | Using The Po Pai Technique. I don't think our system trains with rings, but I see Tyler Rea and David Welther post a lot of interesting stuff, in addition to their books/videos.

Master Kongling All, Conditioning, Exercises, Training tools Wing Chun 0.

Chum Kiu focuses on controlled, coordinated movement of the entire body and generating power through rapid twisting motions. Invisibility: the best night stealth color, The exercise with the plastic or rattan ring, 6DKFs interactions: from the strong blow to the light touch, Learn Kung Fu online: request a specific article, Introduction to combat breathing Breathing methods and exercises. Made from a man-sized wooden log with three arms and a single leg, the Wooden Dummy acts as a "mold" for the student's techniques. Building a strong foundation of skill, fitness and mental endurance at this level assures success in future levels and helps prevent injury. It's like watching a YouTube video, but then again, there are better production qualities on YouTube. Rings suppose to teach beginnings to keep elbows in place and only those students who really have trouble with that , there is no other benefit from ring training. If you are new to martial arts training, you will want to spend some time at this level to acclimate to the mental and physical demands of training. 6 Dragons Kung Fu: who? This is the realm of crisis and chaos in the Real World. -is the ring just a training device or can the techniques actually be used in chi sau? Hope that helps some.

After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. You will learn the second empty-hand form, learn to flow through all of the Wing Chun Hands, and master all of the intermediate level drills. It is typically considered the most difficult of the three forms to learn, but is also the most popular.

Let your Forearms be your guide. , Studio In the end, there is no such thing as the correct or incorrect manner in which to utilize these training rings. You will strengthen your structure and connection with the Earth, develop intrinsic strength in your posture, learn to physically connect with an attacker, cultivate energy through breath, and learn to relax and quiet both body and mind on demand. Inside each Premium Lesson, you will receive the same teaching (practices, tips, concepts, small secrets and corrections) reserved to the live students of Master Kongling.

I'm not an expert, but I think the rings teach you to keep your elbows in and not to overreach when doing certain techniques. You will learn to problem-solve using Wing Chun concepts, principles and tactics the worst-case scenarios of attack and assault. All of the Wing Chun techniques are first learned from the Forms and Drills.


, Number of discs Filed Under: Wing Chun Tagged With: Free Kung Fu Lessons, kung fu lessons online, martial arts, Rattan Ring, Rattan Ring Training, Ring Training Exercises, steel ring training, Wing Chun Ring Training. Important - Once a certain number of registrations are reached, no other Experienced martial artists should briefly review this level, paying special attention to anything that might be new or significantly different from your previous training. Chum Kiu also introduces the first elbow and kicking techniques. -is the jook wan a style or a training device? Thanks appreciate all you do.. For more information write to: [emailprotected].

The training consists of kicking, checking and moving around the posts at various angles and in specific patterns. Brief content visible, double tap to read full content. Oh yea I forgot to mention that it also fits around the head making it a great grabbing tool as well you control the head you control the person. How? For easier reading the Jook Wan Heun or Bamboo Ring/Hoop will be abbreviated to simply the JWR throughout the rest of the article. I had to watch this on my laptop with headphones just to understand what he's saying. You will master the sets of eight strikes, kicks, elbows and fingers. You literally become weaponized, able to use your entire body and any available tool to attack and defend. The action of transition and change occurs on right and left sides, passing through all the 4 gates (Say Moon) with both Yin and Yang power arcs (Um YumBikging) of pressure. In other words a more solid, centered elbow and greater fluidity and mobility in the hands.

If your JWR circumference goes below the Mid forearm line, it also makes it nearly impossible for both Bridge Arms to smoothly transition between positions with any measure of power. You will learn how to hit without breaking your hand.

To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we dont use a simple average. These sequences provide a safe and effective way to practice and polish the skills. Learn how your comment data is processed. When you decide to start training in Wing Chun one of the most affordable training tools to get your hands on is a Wing Chun ring for trainingalso known as a rattan ring which is made out of rattan wood. 6:57 pm, Its a totally different training, if you want to perform the classic versions of rattan ring exercises you MUST use the rigid version, if you want to perform this one use the soft one; if you have not a good spatial intelligence, the right conditioning or the soft touch skill it can be painful, kungfubeginner August 11, 2019 @ "Everything Wing Chun" is a registered trademark of Everything Wing Chun, LLC.

You will learn to move, dynamically retarget, and effectively hit and defend all Gates or vectors of attack. , Actors You learn the requirements for studying Kung Fu, the specific focus of the Zen-based martial arts of Shaolin, and the unique character and objective of the science of Wing Chun. Practically all JWR exercises can be found in the Dummy sets of most Wing Chun branches, the primary ones being Kwan Sao, Seung Gahn Sao, Po Pai Jeung, Tan Da, Pak Da and Sot Jeung. The methodical training process is simultaneously conditioning the hands for the work of Kung Fu. In nature any display of power on a grand scale has to due with Rotation power.

monk kung dojo I'd be interested if there's any new drills I could learn. It is also the level where you are given the Keys to the entire system. Share your love of Kung Fu with us on your favorite social sites. Martial Arts For A Fan Of Wing Chun T-Shirt, Kung Fu Design For A Chinese Martial Arts Fan Wing Chun T-Shirt, Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in. Make certain to NEVER go below the Mid forearm line, to do so minimizes your training Circumference to the Ring and trains a point of pivot rotation That will not effect the attacker Figure (C). : It is more accurately described as double cleaving hands, the way a plow cleaves the soil. The training is incremental, teaching first how to hit without injuring the hand, then advancing to ways to fajing or release force into the bag. My understanding is that the Jook Wan that Sifu Rea teaches is a subset of Wing Chun training that came from the red boats. If so, how do you train with them?

wing chun rea wan jook huen foundations tyler sets university martial Please try again. What is the difference between the plastic and the rattan version? These Ring sets may be combined with an almost limitless variety of footwork. I have many friends that are wing chun practioners, yet they have never heard of training/refining their wing chun with a ring. Features include: - Interactive Menu - Detailed Explanations - Solo Training Drills - Combat Applications - Training Routines. FAQ | Sifu also adds suggested training routines to continue practicing beyond the video. During our workouts, we make use of these to help develop our structure and to improve our awareness of our surroundings. The first and most important form in Wing Chun is Siu Lim Tau, or "The Little Idea."

The other with the arms polarized in alternating positions. , Product Dimensions Much smoother walk-through, talk-through demonstration, than I anticipated.

So I really want to like this DVD, but the production value is so cheap.

Let us know in the comment section. This is the level of conscious competence, where your focus is on sharpening your skills, reflexes and instincts. Tactics are used to incrementally prepare students for sparring and to test the legitimacy of Wing Chun technique. Kind of defeats the purpose to watching and following along. One isnt really better than the other,its a matter of your personal taste.

: I found the combination of close up and slow motion video really effective.

Best ring training video Ive seen. Unlike other martial arts, in 6 Dragons Kung Fu, we do not only use the classical wooden rigid ring but also the flexible or semi-flexible ones (semi-rigid covers for the car steering wheel, etc.). Unable to add item to List. :

This form is comprised of extreme short-range and extreme long-range techniques, low kicks and sweeps, and "emergency techniques" to recover and respond when structure has seriously compromised. ), We have to try as much as we can to use combined blows (sequential punches into the ring, combined sequences, etc. The goal of Wing Chun and this course is transformation: peace within you, and peace in the world. Once they have the pattern, they begin to carefully refine the structural precision of each movement. The rattan ring will instruct you on how to best place your arms in order to defend yourself in a confrontation that is up close and personal. Review Sifu Sergio Ip Man Series: Siu Nim Tao and Applications, Tyler Reas Jook Wan Huen Bamboo Ring Article: The Devil is in the Details Part 5,, Buick Yip: Stories of Wing Chun #01, Biu Jee Footwork, WCI Review Salvador Sanchez TAOWS Academy 02 Advanced Wing Tsun, WCI Review Moy Yat Moy Yat Talks (Fan Sau, San Sau, Sifu). For reference, the core partner Drills from Wing Chun Concepts include: Wing Chun utilizes very specialized training equipment to enhance and optimize a students skill. is yes. Good explanations!!! LEVEL FIVE: SHARPEN The second form in Wing Chun is Chum Kiu, or "Seeking the Bridge." This completely optional post-graduate level introduces both classical weapons (the long pole and butterfly swords) and modern weapons (sticks, knives, guns) into the mix. The process as outlined in this guide is designed to cultivate maximum skill in Wing Chun Kung Fu in the minimum amount of time and with the least possible impact on the rest of your daily schedule.

chun u0026 There are also two supplementary elements, Weapon Training and Equipment Training. The senior or graduate level of Wing Chun is devoted to Tactics and sparring. Youcan use the rattan ring or a steel one, whichever works best for you. While not strictly traditional, the Wing Chun Concepts course explores how to apply all of the concepts and principles of Wing Chun to the most common weapons used in the modern world: impact weapons like sticks and batons, edged weapons like fixed blade or folding knives, and revolvers or semi-automatic handguns.

The most famous and most easily recognized piece of Kung Fu training equipment in the world is the Mook Yan Jong, or Wooden Dummy. These are called Rattan Rings, and they are used in Wing Chun (Inner diameters 8,10 and 12 inches). When you practice with rings, you should look for ones that are at least as wide as your arm from the wrist to the elbow. : Many Wing Chun schools make extensive use of the Sau Bao, or Wall Bag, to teach how to deliver force with a strike. SGS on a basic level is the reversed movement of Kwan Sao and, as such, the low Gahn Sao hand has elements of Gwat Sao. The ultimate purpose of the warrior his very reason for fighting is to achieve peace. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. In Chum Kiu, you have to turn and move your centerline while maintaining your balance. Instead, it uses simple levels of study, much like the progression through college: freshman, sophomore, junior, senior. You will learn about power, and focus, and intent. (Windmills, Tornados, Whirlpools, Planetary rotation and Planetary orbit, Super nova collapses or expansion etc.) Reviewed in the United States on June 5, 2019.

There are eight levels in all, including two preparation levels, three core levels, and three optional levels of sharpening, polishing and refining. We have more steel ring training videos that we will be released to you soon.

document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. -is this applicable for a real life threat? Yet from you I have learned the deadly techniques of combat and the tactics of war. visit A variation called the makiwara is widely used in the Japanese martial arts, and a pell was essential to warriors across the expanse of the Roman Empire and throughout medieval Europe. You will learn about movement and about stillness. Donald the ring is a training device, like a dummy.

The bags are usually canvas and filled with dried beans, but other construction and filler materials are also common today. Once the student has mastered the ability to generate and utilize Jing or force in the open hand forms, they can progress to the Wing Chun weapons training. Comment *document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "ab764e688dc65d09eac06ba054bb487e" );document.getElementById("aaaa3346d8").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. . Master, you have taught me the ways of Zen, the discipline of body and mind, and speak always of peace and non-violence. Tip: A good size Wing Chun Ring to use is one that is the length of your forearm. Lets begin first with Kwan Sao because it is fundamental to all Wing Chun branches and is expressed in one of the two primary ring positions. Since no one wears kimonos anymore, there is no practical need for belts or sashes. These ring sizes are the ones that are utilized the most frequently in Wing Chun practice, and they are appropriate for the majority of training exercises. NEXT: The Wing Chun Training Methodology The Gerk Jong, or Kicking Dummy, is one of the least-known pieces of Wing Chun training equipment.

It's clear that the instructor is not mic'd to the camera. In just this one form, the student is introduced to Centerline Theory, Wing Chun punching, the Yee Jee Kim Yung Ma training stance, the principles of Elbow Power, and a variety of hand techniques, including the three poison hands of Wing Chun: Tan, Bong, and Fook. Receive all the lessons at your e-mail (once a week): Follow the White-to-Black Belt Course (25$ / month): The place where Kung Fu become Practice and Practice become Kung Fu.

This is the level of stress inoculation, where you will stare back into the face of raw human violence. Wing Chun Kung Fu Stainless Steel Training Ring Silver. Allowing them to be trained in practically any system.

Reviewed in the United States on October 23, 2017. . Is this attainable for someone as old as myself? This is the level of unconscious competence, where you hone your skills, reflexes and instincts to respond without conscious thought. August 29, 2016 By Sifu Larry Rivera 11 Comments. Very unique in that Sifu Taganashi describes each movement in detail, with really easy to follow instructions. See my new video (just uploaded yesterday) Forms are solo exercises which develop focus, balance, proprioception and kinesthetic awareness. To begin your Bridge Arm is the distance from your wrist to your elbow this Designates the surface area you use to feel and redirect the attackers pressure. Help others learn more about this product by uploading a video! This is the foundation upon which all of the other forms and techniques are developed.

We have 2 replies to this question: To start, lets see an exercise that can be performed by everyone (beginners and experts), its primary goals are: A note by Master Kongling Initially, we will find ourselves not able to handle the direction changes and the unpredictable rebounds of the ring but once acquired the glance, the rotations will appear in slow motion and we will handle the movements in a more than satisfactory manner.

Instead, we use T-shirts, marked and color-coded to note the current level of training.

The discipline, the training, is the Warriors Way: to seek peace, but to know if the wolf comes to your door, you are prepared. Reviewed in the United States on November 4, 2019, The proper DVD if you need the in-depth of the art, Reviewed in the United States on July 29, 2020, General information on the training methods, Reviewed in the United States on December 13, 2018, Reviewed in the United States on September 20, 2018. Command and Mastery of each step creates an ever-growing comprehension of the principles and concepts. Filmed in high quality HD at Taganashi's private martial art studio. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

By design, the Drills in the Wing Chun Concepts course are weighted heavily towards Solo Command and Mastery drills that you can practice alone using simple and inexpensive equipment. JWRs are fairly easy to find on the Internet through various online merchants ( Newsletter They gain a clear awareness of the chains of movement, their shifting balance, and the functional importance of each technique. The lessons in this course definitively answer the question, Is Wing Chun right for me? Upon completion, if you decide to continue the training, you become an Initiate of the Wing Chun Way. The Baat Jaam Do knife form utilizes a pair of large "Butterfly Knives." In the equivalent of your sophomore year in Wing Chun, you will learn full-body integration, moving instinctively and intuitively as one continuous whole. Throughout the course of this article certain basic training guidelines and cheviots will be presented with each exercise to help maximize the initial stages of practice. In other cases, equipment fine-tunes and focuses technique for precise application of movement. Information is confusing. Online learning and martial arts: is it possible? Please try again. Required fields are marked *. Looks like a good training tool for structure and technique. LEVEL ONE: INITIATE Students begin their Forms training by learning the gross mechanical movements, simply learning the "choreography" of the sequence. In this feature-length DVD, Todd Taganashi, 3rd Generation Wing Chun Kung Fu Expert, teaches his unique training system, which incorporates using the ring to polish five key movements of the Wing Chun Kung Fu System. This is exactly what my Sifu says about the rings; they are actually dangerous to train with because they teach you poor habits with your pressure/energy. We will conclude this section with a short parable from Kung Fu lore: A young disciple was training with his sifu in the masters beautiful garden when the student posed a question. When practicing Kwan Sao with the JWR & the Cheun Ma stance turn make sure you do not pivot beyond a rotation angle of 45 degrees from the centerline. Drills range from the repetitive practice of basic motions to simple bridging and countering techniques to free-flow sparring. , Your email address will not be published. This particular training drill is good for learning how to get forward pressure. When using the JWR the hands, and specifically the wrists are in constant contact with the inner circumference of the Ring, this causes the arms to rotate around an artificial pivot point. Most Drills are loosely grouped into three broad categories: (1) developing basic structure and mechanics through punching, blocking, shifting and stepping; (2) building timing skill through fundamental arm cycles and interceptions; and (3) cultivating sensitivity and kinesthetic "listening" skills. It is important to note that the intent, focus, content and sequence of movements for both Forms and Drills can change from lineage to lineage, or even from school to school. You will begin to refine your technique on the Wooden Dummy or Battle Post. The traditional Battle Post was simply a padded wooden stake in the ground that a fighter would practice hitting. 1999 - 2021 WING CHUN CONCEPTS @ KUNG FU ONLINE by Steve Creel. This is like the time spent in high school figuring out your major and the university you want to attend. It is a system for refinement, so on its own it is not something you would use you have to know wing chun as well.


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A post shared by Enter Shaolin, LLC (@enter.shaolin). Tactics may be trained against one or more attackers, with or without weapons present, and you may be defending from a standing position, be pinned against a wall, be seated, or be flat on the ground. Second: through the rise and fall of the elbow, the arms generate greater power through the second most important element (the first being the change in pivot), Enhanced expansion and contraction of the arms ability to generate Power. (as well as greater deflection surface area.) The knives are shorter that the common Chinese short sword (Dao), but larger than the Willow Leaf knife used by the drummer in Chinese lion dancing.

The most common curriculum framework includes three empty hand forms, one wooden dummy form and two weapons forms. : Seung Ghan Sao is most often translated as double cultivating hands. Master Kongling August 17, 2018 @ For $30, Id expect better production value and not feel like I'm watching YouTube. Wing Chun Ring Training: Techniques & Strategies, Previous page of related Sponsored Products, FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon, Aspect Ratio Sup yat wan or 11 Links are a series of 5 Polarized, 5 Unpolarized arm positions with one outer arm position for a total of 11. , Run time Is the plastic ring a valid substitute of the wooden version? These same principles are used throughout the unarmed forms of Wing Chun as well. The Concepts course includes detailed lessons on how to construct your own Battle Post easily and inexpensively. ), The ring should not fall to the ground (this practice is strictly related to the fabric cloth training and it has similar rules, read, In no case we can not grasp the hoop with closed hands, We can (briefly) stop the ring with the opposed pressure of the arms (as in the photo), When we enter into the ring we must rapidly rotate it with arms (or legs) and exit, Sometimes we can also try to enter and exit without touching the ring, Lets try to be fluid, to maintain the flow and to force the ring to make complex evolutions (combining X, Y and Z axis), The pace must be sustained and the movements dynamic, as in a struggle (we are not playing), Lets go into / out, lets rotate it, lets lock it, lets project the ring as if it were a pair of opponents arms, As we improve we can increase speed and acrobatic movements (no juggling); the exercise can also be carried out with rigid / soft weapons that do not damage the ring, The exercise can also be done with the rigid rattan ring but it is not for beginners (when the ring turns at high speed it can be very painful for those who have not yet mastered the soft touch skill or that are not conditioned); with the plastic ring it can be more complex but less painful, For those who have considerable spatial intelligence and coordination, we can try with 2 rings at the same time (but it is important to stress that this variant does not replace the version with 1 ring).

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