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Civerb's Vestments Viscerataunt Ima complete noob whos got no idea what im talking about, but is Chaos any good? Give and Receive Likes Tiamat's Rebuke Lightsabre, Elite, 2H: Memory, Oath (L) Durability: 420 Steelshade Please press "Details" for additional information, Contributions to Fextralife Wikis are licensed under a, + (2 Per Character Level) 2-198 To Maximum Damage (Based On Character Level), Hammers | Diablo 2 Wiki | Stats & Effects. Chaos Bladebuckle, Exceptional: Phoenix (L) Doom The Hand of Broc Death's Fathom (L) Quality level: 48 Waterwalk Bows Pus Spitter The Dragon Chang Earth Shifter Diamond The Mahim-Oak Curio The Salamander Spirit Forge Prudence The General's Tan Do Li Ga Cloudcrack The Gladiator's Bane Dark Clan Crusher Ravenlore Ginther's Rift Fortitude (L) Wrath (L) Mace-type weapons do have much less range than other weapons. Twitchthroe Req Strength: 100 Caster Recipes Doombringer Class speed: Asn, P - Normal Ama, B, D, N, S - Slow Boneslayer Blade Now that we know what skills to max out for a hammerdin, we must now go on to the stat points. Normal: Crow Caw Hitpower Recipes Gravenspine Shadow Dancer (L), All Unique Amulets Templar's Might (L) Nef Bookmark Pages & Posts Unique Paladin Shields Skull Splitter M'avina's Battle Hymn, Naj's Ancient Vestige Guardian Naga, Elite, one-handed: hammer schaefer ed diablo schaefers name d2 Rogue's Bow Principle is your cheapest +2 to skills, but it's hard passing up on Vmagi's FCR & allres. Tir Hellslayer Frostwind Normal: Guardian Angel If you're a paladin, a Ancient's Pledge in a high base-res pally shield can singlehandedly take care of your resistances, if that's where you're lacking. Venom The Face of Horror, Exceptional: Black with my Barb worked decent through my hell playthrough. Bloodmoon Shaftstop Maelstrom Asn Claws Carin Shard Hel Body Armor SP Plugy. runewords, but are there any strong mid level runewords to try? Duress Infernal Tools Spire of Honor, Elite: Obedience (L) Crainte Vomir Ironstone, Exceptional, 1H: Blinkbat's Form Seraph's Hymn (L) Silks of the Victor, Exceptional: Is this a good enough base? Kisharas Star PoE Quest Walkthrough Location & Reward, Silkweave Sole PoE Heist Tool 3.12: Increased Agility speed, ESO How To Get To Blackwood & Start a New Adventure, Explosive Concoction PoE Skill Gem Build 3.15, 20% Chance To Cast Level 15 Decrepify On Striking, Ber Rune + Tir Rune + Um Rune + Mal Rune + Lum Rune, Fal Rune + Ohm Rune + Ort Rune + Jah Rune, Jah Rune + Mal Rune + Jah Rune + Sur Rune + Jah Rune + Ber Rune, 6% Chance To Cast Level 11 Fade When Struck, Hel Rune + Ohm Rune + Um Rune + Lo Rune + Cham Rune, 5% Chance To Cast Level 18 Volcano On Striking. Rhyme and splendor are very nice to have for necros - if you get magically lucky finding a head to put them in, I swear all my years of playing d2 I've only found one worth a damn, and only after I had a homo already. Thundergod's Vigor, Elite: Dream (L) Passion You can also add sockets with the following horadric cube recipe. Hammers in Diablo 2are one of the different types of Weaponsavailable to choose from. Ist using chaos for whirlwind will make that weapon break insanely quick, and with all of those mods, repair cost will be insane. Stoutnail 1H damage: 35-58 Lance of Yaggai Razortine Black Hades Duriel's Shell Humongous, Exceptional, two-handed: For Hammerdin specifically, some I can think of would be Smoke, Stone, Sanctuary, Spirit (Sword and/or Shield) and if you have the runes to cube up to a Vex, possibly HotO, although some may consider HotO to be a high runeword.

In the Expansion some are less than 25, but none are more. Hellcast

Ondal's Wisdom, All Unique Throwing Weapons Your hammerdin should do approximately 20k damage. Kira's Guardian (L) Natalya's Odium Head Hunter's Glory Wands, Class Items A War Hammer will always spawn with +50% damage to Undead. Manald Heal

Spire of Lazarus Steel Blackbog's Sharp Kinemil's Awl Honor runeword is nice for leveling a melee character. Ethereal Edge Blastbark, Exceptional: Stone Quest Items Wormskull Chance Guards Duskdeep The Tannr Gorerod, Exceptional: Arachnid Mesh Langer Briser

Schaefer's Hammer, Elite, 2H: Blackhorn's Face, Elite: Venom Grip Smoke is fantastic if you need help with resists. Djinn Slayer (L)

The maximum amount of sockets an item can roll with depends on the iLevel of the item. Undead Crown Um, Mal Clubs, hammers, maces and scepters are all shown as "Mace Class" in game. Mang Song's Lesson (L) You will want to use Concentration Aura in your right slot. What your going to want in your inventory is 9 Grand charms that grant +1 to combat skills. Actually the best thing about it is that you can get all the runes from quest 2 in act 5. Obedience in an eth polearm for merc, paired with Treachery armor. Wealth, Delirium Magewrath However, it doesn't have Indestructible mod, which may be slightly annoying. Warlord's Trust Wizardspike, All Unique Polearms below are a list of skills and syngergies that you will need to upgrade to be a godly hammerdin. Bing Sz Wang Kelpie Snare Lawbringer (L) Hellmouth, Elite: Enigma Leaf Circlets Astreon's Iron Ward Goreshovel * All Exceptional items are Clvl 25 required in Diablo II. Endlesshail Lance Guard Frostburn, Exceptional: has 7 different character types players can choose from. Baranar's Star Nokozan Relic Griswold's Legacy Firelizard's Talons Hellfire Torch, All Unique Axes Duress is very strong if you get Um from forge. Heaven's Light (L) Cham Steelclash Headstriker

Arctic Gear Swords Cliffkiller Stealskull Pluckeye Ghoulhide Immortal King Infinity (L) Permabans Account and high level (Enigma, Infinity, CTA etc.) Amn, Sol Axe of Fechmar Earthshaker, Exceptional, 2H: This recipes will add between 1 and 4 sockets to the item. Plague Bearer Lava Gout Greyform Hawkmail Athena's Wrath And my favourite - Oath, make it in an eth base and with a little bit of luck you get a discount Breath of the Dying. Eternity Spectral Shard, Exceptional: Razorswitch and Blessed hammer in your left slot. Silkweave ** 110 Str means that for every 100 points in strength 110% of the weapon damage is added, or 1.1% per Str point. Gore Rider, Elite: Jalal's Mane Vidala's Rig, Aldur's Watchtower Raven Frost Dragon (L) Wolfhowl, Druid Helms Gerke's Sanctuary some people do suwayyah for the high damage average but its slower. Now keep in mind that having all this gear isn't going to make you indestructible, you need to know what skills to upgrade to make this hammerdin complete. Shadow Killer (L), Barbarian Helms This recipes will not work for low or superior quality items. Ormus' Robes Some of the other notable runewords for other builds are Duress, Lionheart, Peace, and Harmony. Mara's Kaleidoscope Sapphire Cranebeak Normal: Arcanna's Tricks Lore maxroll leveling paladin Stormstrike

Normal: Last Wish (L) Tomb Reaver (L) Rune FAQ Crescent Moon The relationships between iLvl, qLvl, and aLvl are explained,, Ad revenue helps keep the servers going and supports me, the site's creator :), making their offers on your trades invisible. Cow King's Leathers Normal: Infernostride However, dropping a Spirit shield can be a big loss of DPS. Get a +3 Bone Spear base for even more goodness. Butcher's Pupil Diablo 2Hammersgravitate towards usage mostly of Paladins and Barbarians due to their skill synergy. Bramble Milabrega's Regalia

Rift (L) Transmute normal weapon, a Ral rune, an Amn rune, and a Perfect Amethyst to create a socketed weapon of the same type. Skull, Crafted Items Frostwind Normal, 1H: Attach Images Verdungo's Hearty Cord, All Unique Armor Knell Striker Unique Necro Totems, All Unique Charms Arioc's Needle The Ward, Exceptional: The Hammerdin is one of them. Bane Ash Famine Howltusk Io Zephyr, Crescent moon on A5 merc for any physical damage character. I guess a zealer would find a use for it as well. Goldwrap Ice (L) Sazabi's Grand Tribute Spears Normal: Safety Recipes, Calculations Gleamscythe Ber Berserker's Arsenal In addition to clubs, maces, hammer, scepters and wands are also classified as blunt weapons, and all do 150% damage to the Undead. Orphan's Call Blood Recipes The Diggler Snowclash Call to Arms Cleglaw's Brace Skystrike Skewer of Krintiz Bladebone

The Redeemer, All Unique Spears Lem Arm of King Leoric Cathan's Traps Wraith Flight (L) Only three items in the game, all blunt weapons listed on this page, have this bonus damage property. Shael Permabans Email Press J to jump to the feed. Deletes all Profile Fields Sigon's Complete Steel Leviathan (L) Steel Carapace Rain Dol The Disciple The Battlebranch With all the gear that Ive listed above, and the correct skills maxed. Doomslinger, Exceptional: Lionheart, Myth Riphook Giant Skull A superior War Hammer can spawn with 2 of the following bonuses, +5% to +15% Enhanced Damage, Increase Maximum Durability 10% to 15%, or +1 to +3 to Attack Rating. Normal: For merc, Obedience, Delirium and Treachery can all be great as well as the ones I mentioned for your character. Not worth a grind for it though. Nord's Tenderizer Spirit (L) Dwarf Star Normal, 1H: Ghostflame also gives magic find and 2 to all skills. Stone of Jordan Que-Hegan's Wisdom Culwen's Point, Normal, 2H: But right now weregoing to focus on one in general, The Paladin. Bul-Kathos' Children Rockstopper Therefore, mace-type items have the second least range of all item types, only surpassed by daggers. Eth Buriza-Do Kyanon Only three items in the game, all blunt weapons, have this bonus damage property. Deletes Signature Kuko Shakaku Treachery Soul Harvest This is like saying the item has a +50% damage modifier on it vs. the Undead. Principle Rattlecage Champions will have an mLevel of aLevel+2, Uniques and their minions aLevel+3, and Super Uniques will have a predefined mLevel. Soul Drainer Saracen's Chance Blackoak Shield Gimmershred What makes delirium powerful for a Merc? Leadcrow Witchwild String The Grandfather, Amazon Weapons Chains of Honor Rixot's Keen Isenhart's Armory Bartuc's Cut-Throat Arreat's Face Dream (L) Fury All blunt weapons in the game do 150% damage to the undead. hammerdin equipment paladin basic merc power Crescent Moon Steelrend, All Unique Helms Bverrit Keep Jade Talon Normal, one-handed: Wall of the Eyeless Patch 2.4 and Ladder Release Date Confirmed! Smoke Swordback Hold Toothrow Rhyme can be secret OP for how cheap it is. Harlequin Crest The Gavel of Pain, Elite, 1H: NB These are the perfect values possible for a level 99 character. This subreddit is for people who want to discuss Diablo 2 and Diablo II Resurrected. Blade of Ali Baba Pul Death (L) Atma's Scarab The Iron Jang Bong, Exceptional: Pal Shields This holy warrior is a incredibly versatile character able to be three incredibly effective additions to any group. Gold Find, Modifiers i would not put a chaos in that base though. Metalgrid (L), All Unique Rings Vampire Gaze Magic Find Elite: Shields Ancients pledge can get you to hell and then swap to spirit. Halaberd's Reign Goldskin Destruction (L) Titan's Revenge Deathbit Eaglehorn Req level: 25 Max sockets: 4. Gheed's Fortune The Eye of Etlich Zakarum's Hand Shadowfang Tal Steelgoad Enlightenment Tearhaunch, Exceptional: Stormeye, Exceptional: Flamebellow Death Cleaver (L) Ribcracker Jah Blood Crescent Executioner's Justice (L) a good base will be expensive to repair so keep that in mind on your gold supply. Sander's Folly Phoenix Druid Helms Steel Pillar Dragonscale, Sorceress Orbs Stormguild If you find yourself with low resistances, you may socket your HOZ and your Shako with Um runes. Gorefoot Annihilus 20% Chance To Cast Level 15 Decrepify On Striking, Level 16-18 Sanctuary Aura When Equipped (varies), 20% Chance To Cast Level 15 Chilling Armor when Struck, +((8-12)*0.125*Clvl) To Life (Based on Character Level) (varies), 10% Chance To Cast Level 9 Tornado On Striking, 100% Chance To Cast level 40 Blaze When You Level-up, 40% Chance To Cast Level 22 Firestorm On Striking, Level 10-15 Redemption Aura When Equipped (varies), 100% Chance To Cast Level 36 Blaze When You Level-Up, 100% Chance To Cast Level 48 Meteor When You Die, The Countess, Where to Find and How to Farm. Horizon's Tornado Moser's Blessed Circle

The Cranium Basher, All Unique Swords Deletes all Private Messages Malice * 110 Str means that for every 100 points in strength 110% of the weapon damage is added (compared to 100% in all other cases). The Impaler Bonehew Griffon's Eye (L), All Unique Boots I'm also a big fan of Rhyme for the combo of MF and Cannot be Frozen. Ral Venom Ward So it really isn't worth anything except for when you're starting out. The Atlantean, Exceptional, 2H:

Sorc Orbs, Rune list Armor Users browsing Base: MagicPants and 3 guests. This gives this item 10% more damage than other comparable items. Necro Totems The Reaper's Toll (L) Ohm Marrowwalk The runeword itself, when made in a nice exceptuonal base, is roughly as powerful as Butcher's Pupil, but can be used at level 27. Base speed: 20 Rakescar, Exceptional, one-handed: Ichorsting Rift and Voice of Reason get a mention because of the Frozen orb flying all over the map. Thul IO Nef so maybe more of a low/mid runeword but great for the decently low cost. Gull Stormspike, Elite: Axes Edit: ups, didn't notice you are asking for a hammerdin, Delirium, Lionheart or Treachery for merc. Bul-Kathos' Wedding Band You must be a member of to like this. Biggin's Bonnet Hand of Blessed Light, Elite: Wizendraw Demon Limb Hone Sundan Create account. The Oculus Spirit Blacktongue Crushflange Blackhand Key, All Unique Maces Skullder's Ire Merman's Sprocket Todesfaelle Flamme Prefixes Hammers are weapons with a metal head and a wooden handle. Splendor, Beast Sanctuary Expect further changes and tweaks in the final game. The Grim Reaper, Exceptional: You could also swap his weapon for Obedience (Hel Ko Thul Eth Fal). has noticed that a character is absolutely nothing without theproper gear. Scepters Heaven's Brethren Topaz Rings, Weapons Hellclap If you have any more questions please contact me via email. Tal Rasha's Wrappings You could make Duress (Shael Um Thul) or Treachery (Shael Thul Lem) for your merc - both are very good armors. Razor's Edge Radiance, Ancient's Pledge Trang-Oul's Avatar, Bone String of Ears Silence Corpsemourn, Elite: Lvl 78 hammerdin (Spirit, Spirit, Lore, Stealth), act 2 merc (Insight), in act 3 Hell (LK). Homunculus Holy Thunder Pride (L) The game will roll a 6 sided dice, if it rolls higher than 4, the maximum amount of sockets is chosen.

Umbral Disk Ort Numbers in () are values for the D2X Beta that differ from the D2 Stats. Radament's Sphere, Elite: Emerald Amulets Crossbows Lycander's Aim You're not gonna get much better than Spirit, Spirit, Lore, Stealth on Hdin in terms of cheap RWs. Level up as you post Nightsmoke Lycander's Flank Ama Weapons Heart Carver Heavenly Garb Normal: Books & Scrolls, El Spike Thorn Sandstorm Trek Fleshrender Nature's Peace (L) Highlord's Wrath Brand (L) Daggers War Traveler Stone Crusher Deletes all Posts

Javelins Viperfork, All Unique Staves Dracul's Grasp The Patriarch, Exceptional, 1H: Dimoak's Hew Herald of Zakarum Sur Spineripper Demonhorn's Edge (L) Spirit Ward, Class Shields: Hammers are melee Weaponsthat can be wielded to face and defeat the diverse Enemiesand Bossesthroughout the game. Coldkill Spirit if you dont want something else. Pompeii's Wrath Rusthandle Gloves I always make a rhyme for niche reasons. Bloodraven's Charge Messerschmidt's Reaver, All Unique Bows Windhammer Experience Memory is nice if you can get a staff with nice mods (+6 to skill). Widowmaker (L) Only three items in the game, all blunt weapons, have this bonus damage property. Faith (L)

Witherstring White Heart of the Oak Treads of Cthon Normal: Raven's Claw Sureshrill Frost Atma's Wail I'd of course love to make some high runewords, but it feels like it'll be a long time before I get any Ber, Ohm or Jah runes, so should I just focus on MF and uniques for now? The Gnasher Boots Normal: Valkyrie Wing Lidless Wall Damage vs. Bots: 69 Nosferatu's Coil Andariel's Visage (L)

Suffixes Wind The Jade Tan Do Hellplague Just chill and cube up cheap unique if you have to. Thunderstroke (L) Boneflesh Breath of the Dying Hwanin's Majesty Peasant Crown Snakecord The Minotaur, Elite, two-handed: The Spirit Shroud The Cat's Eye King's Grace Treasure class: 48 Woestave Avatar & Profile customisation Peace Gloom To use a left slot skill without clicking a enemy, hold shift and left click. Soulflay Lenymo Maces Fortitude Cerebus' Bite (L) Tyrael's Might (L), All Unique Gloves Gravepalm Splendor before you get a spirit base, 20% MF, +1 skills and some FCR. The Scalper, Elite: How Is Damage Reduction Calculated and in what Order, Everything You Need to Know about the Hellforge. Belts Item Generation Tutorial Hotspur Goblin Toe you want chaos in a fast wsm (ideally elite, but some exceptionals work too) base, like runic talons or feral claws. Darkforce Spawn (L), Paladin Shields Exile Eld Skin of the Vipermagi Chromatic Ire Vex Kings grace can be useful. Razortail Iron Pelt Skull Collector, Elite: Bloodtree Stump Rune Master (L), Normal, two-handed: Darksight Helm and should have max resistances(depending on gear). Whether you need help or you're just looking to chat - come join us! Other more Physical characters likeAssassins works with it as well. Grim's Burning Dead, Elite: Strength Stormlash Grief (L), Hand of Justice Discreet Notifications Fal Registering is quick & easy :) Demon's Arch Dragon Bloodfist Helms Amethyst Durability: 55 Serpent Lord Armor Lionheart is broken if you get a lucky fal from forge. Bloodletter

I've run upped junk really far in single player. Gloom's Trap Suicide Branch Iceblink This adds 50% of the total non-elemental weapon damage on top. Skin of the Flayed One Crown of Thieves Husoldal Evo Special Modifiers, Gambling Hexfire I used 2 of those on my Frenzy barb untill I was high enough level to use Butcher's Pupil. Hammerdins require a specific set of gear to make them worthy of hell difficulty. Nightwing's Veil Wisp Projector, All Unique Shields Nagelring Rockfleece There are an absolute ton of great mid-tier runewords for everyone. Rune hunting First of all, you need to get these pieces of gear in the specified items slots to become a worthy hammerdin. Insight (L) The Rising Sun Lo Lum Barb Helms Not huge ED but great crushing blow and some ias. Harmony (L) Bloodrise To compare, axes have the second greatest range of all item types, and some spears and polearms have the greatest range of 5. Veil of Steel, Circlets: Magefist The iLevel is equal to the monster level (mLevel) the item dropped from, the mLevel is equal to the area level (aLevel). Alma Negra

Normal: Rhyme Boneflame Pierre Tombale Couant The Centurion NOT to be used for trading adverts or offers! Polearms Deathspade Throwing Normal: Soulfeast Tine Ancient's Pledge is decent when you're making a new char, but it's eclipsed by 2 perfect and 1 flawless diamond in the same 3 soc shield. Ko Normal: Legendary Mallets (1 handed mace type) have only range 1, and Thunder Mauls (2 handed mace type) have only a range of 3. Otherwise, I don't think you have any more upgrades in the form of runewords until Heart of the Oak or Enigma. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Kingslayer The Vile Husk Carrion Wind Voice of Reason (L) Gargoyle's Bite, All Unique Wands Treasure Classes Moonfall With Treachery's attack speed buff, it will make him deal crazy amounts of damage. Crown of Ages Baezil's Vortex We will list D2X stats in gold where they vary from D2 stats. Ruby Shields Transmute low quality weapon, an Eld rune, and a chipped gem to create normal quality weapon of the same type. the only reason to use chaos is for the whirlwind, which ww sins arent all that great in pvm (not that theyre impossible). Iratha's Finery Lacerator Goldstrike Arch, Elite: Leave a comment on this entry; insightful information about the entry, pictures uploaded as attachments, and other useful info snippets are welcome. Melody However, they are actually different weapon types and quite different when used for runewords. I now own every rune up to Ist. The Fetid Sprinkler Medusa's Gaze Coif of Glory Felloak Zod, All Unique Belts Islestrike Death's Disguise, Hsaru's Defense Tancred's Battlegear * 110 Str means that for every 100 points in strength 110% of the weapon damage is added (compared to 100% in all other cases). The Meat Scraper Bloodthief Ume's Lament, Exceptional: Ith Helms lore if you're a caster, radiance if you're not. Darkglow In Diablo II this is the only way to add damage just to the Undead, while in the Expansion there are affixes that add damage to Undead and others that add it to Demons. Ripsaw Stormrider Staves This page was last edited on 22 October 2016, at 17:53. There are many others as well, but I can't remember them all, and I'm not very familiar with the melee weapons. Honor Tarnhelm Brainhew Stormchaser Runewords, Gems Slain Bots Rest in Peace, List trades and earn trust Eschuta's Temper, Angelic Raiment Anyone who has played. Normal: Nadir also, be mindful of a base like that. Stormshield Sparking Mail Coldsteel Eye Arkaine's Valor

Pelta Lunata Griswold's Edge Torch of Iro Swordguard, Elite, 1H: Spellsteel Edge (L) Stoneraven (L), Assassin Claws I picked up Superior Scissors Quhab with 12% enchant damage, +3 to Mind Blast, +1 to Dragon Tail, increase max durability 14% with 3 sockets. Blackleach Blade The Chieftain Exceptional: Stormspire, All Unique Scepters Warshrike (L), All Unique Javelins The various chances to cast? Private Messaging Fleshripper Warpspear Azurewrath Spirit Keeper, Necromancer Totems Larzuk will always add 4 sockets (if the iLevel is high enough), the maximum. Demon Machine, All Unique Daggers Weapons Honor is good leveling. Prudence is nice, crazy def if you ebug an eth base. Black Gul You can add sockets to a War Hammer by giving the item to Larzuk as a quest reward. Windforce, All Unique Crossbows Potions Stealth Thul You hear a lot about low level (Lore, Stealth, Leaf, Spirit, Insight etc.)

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